28 February, 2019

Meraikan Tahun Baru Cina Bersama Keluarga

by on February 28, 2019
Walaupun berbeza agama, ikatan kekuargaan antara dua keluarga ini sentiasa kuat. Setiap kali tiba hari perayaan tidak kira Hari Raya Aidilfitri ataupun Tahun Baru Cina kami akan saling ke rumah masing-masing bagi meraikannya. Mak nieyl keturunan Cina, masuk islam ketika kecil , rumah-rumah yang nieyl pergi setiap tahun baru cina ni merupakan rumah sepupu kepada mak. Setiap tahun memang wajib pergi. Begitu juga kalau hari raya, mereka juga akan datang ke rumah nieyl untuk beraya.

Kebiasaanya pakcik-pakcik nieyl yang cina tu akan sediakan nasi lemak berlauk untuk dijamu kiteorang. Tapi jangan risau, mereka tahu halal haram, dieorang akan order nasi lemak dari orang melayu . Makanan yang dihidangkan semuanya kuih-kuih orang melayu, kacang-kacang, limau dan air kotak.

Ini sebahagian sahaja yang join sambut tahun baru cina. InsyaÁllah tahun -tahun akan datang bertambaj-tambah lagi yang join bersama. Kunjung mengunjung ini bagus kenalkan anak-anak kecil kepada keluarga cina mak yang lain. Selain keluarga nieyl, keluarga abg kepada mak nieyl pun akan datang beraya bersama anak-anaknya. 

Pose bersama ampaw setiap tahun wajib okay.

27 February, 2019

Vivo V15Pro Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech to Rev Up the Mobile Experience

by on February 27, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2019 – Vivo today unveiled the all-new V15Pro smartphone in Malaysia. The V15Pro is Vivo’s first model after the NEX to incorporate the industry’s first Elevating Front Camera. It packs upgraded AI technology, bringing consumers a stunning full-screen smartphone with an intelligent personal assistant that understands and anticipates their needs.
Vivo once again is breaking new ground by elevating the mobile experience with this latest affordable V series addition that packs in many high-end technologies that usually feature in only the most premium phones.

“Innovation is one of our core values. Aside from the industry’s first Elevating Front Camera which gave us the ultimate bezel-less display, we are always looking to bring other game-changing features, such as higher-quality cameras and smarter AI services that transport the mobile experience to a new dimension.” Said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Malaysia. “The V15Pro is a clear example of our commitment to bringing advanced products to consumers from all around the world and from all walks of life.”

Elevating Front Camera Makes Possible Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display
Taking inspiration from the groundbreaking NEX, V15Pro carries the same Elevating Front Camera, but better. V15Pro comes with a staggering 32MP Front Camera to capture even better selfies with unrivalled clarity. Vivo has further upgraded the mechanics of the Elevating Front Camera in V15Pro. Design enhancements also ensure the camera is sturdy enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear.
The innovative Elevating Front Camera which first debuted at MWC 2018 as a concept and was featured in the first NEX has effectively created the ideal full-screen display without compromising on photo quality or camera position. With the elimination of the notch, V15Pro now has a staggering 91.64% screen-to-body ratio, creating an unprecedented immersive viewing experience for gaming and video viewing. The Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display on the V15Pro now has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and is 6.39 inches diagonally. Its side and top bezels have been reduced to a razor-thin 1.75mm and 2.2mm respectively.
Capture the Perfect Shot with a Stunning AI Triple Camera
V15Pro comes with AI-embedded solutions that take the mobile photography experience to the next level. With an AI Triple Camera, V15Pro allows consumers to take photos with stunning clarity and a wider perspective.
Users can easily capture professional-grade photos with a snap, thanks to the 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor[1], 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera, and 5MP Depth Camera. The “four-in-one pixel” technology in the main rear camera combines four pixels into one large pixel to deliver high-quality 12MP photos even in the dark. The AI Super Wide-Angle Camera can expand up to 120 degrees[2], capturing more people and fuller landscape shots.

This powerful hardware is complemented with AI to make professional photo-taking a breeze. Borrowing from V11, V15Pro is equipped with AI photography features including AI Face Beauty and AI Portrait Framing. The all-new AI Super Night Mode makes shaky night shots a thing of the past, as consumers can now capture amazing night scenery without a tripod or a DSLR camera.
AI Super Night Mode can instantly take multiple photos at different exposures. It then brilliantly combines them to greatly improve brightness and clarity, meaning night scenes can now be captured with a high level of detail and stability.

With the all-new AI Body Shaping feature, users can now look naturally perfect by adjusting every aspect of the body such as the waist and legs – users will no longer need to use photo-editing applications to look their best.
In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology Brings Out the Best in Sleek Design

V15Pro also incorporates Vivo’s popular In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, which is now in its 5th generation with higher fingerprint pixel density and more sophisticated algorithms allowing consumers to unlock their phones in a more secure and intuitive manner.

Without a physical fingerprint pad, the sleek back cover adopts a unique Spectrum Ripple Design in Topaz Blue or Coral Red, that reflect different shades at different angles, complementing the futuristic innovations housed within V15Pro.

AI-Powered Performance for a Smoother and more Intuitive Experience

Vivo’s AI has made another leap forward, with a more powerful Jovi, the personal assistant that understands your needs and desires better than ever.

The brand-new AI-powered Jovi Image Recognizer has access to almost 100 mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Zalora, so it can easily search through databases of over half a billion products for you. With a simple scan, you can now directly locate the product you need and enjoy futuristic AI shopping.
Simply use the new Smart Button on the side of V15Pro to release the power of AI. One press activates the Google Assistant, while two calls the Jovi Image Recognizer into action. It’s easy, intuitive, and fast. V15Pro also has its own customised voice commands developed in partnership with Google to answer to your needs. Whether you want to activate AI Face Beauty, clean up phone memory, or search for food pictures in your album, just utter the command and V15Pro will do it for you immediately.
Avid gamers will love the upgraded Game Mode 5.0. It comes with the new Competition Mode that allocates system resources to prioritise game performance, and Dual-Turbo, which reduces frame-drop by 300% and increases smooth gameplay.
V15Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 675AIE Octa-core processor with 6GB RAM + 128 ROM, ensuring ultra-smooth performance. Consumers can also have peace of mind that their phone will be up and running at all times thanks to Vivo’s latest Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology, which tops the V15Pro up to about a quarter of power in just 15 minutes.
[1] V15Pro’s main camera features 48 million physical pixels each 0.8μm large. To improve photosensitivity and picture quality, V15Pro uses professional “four-in-one pixel” technology to combine four adjacent pixels into a single 1.6μm large pixel, delivering high-quality 12MP photos.
[2] AI Super Wide-Angle Camera is able to capture 108-degree photos after accounting for distortion.

V15Pro in Topaz Blue and Coral Red will be available for pre-order, which comes with a complimentary gift box in Malaysia from 26 February to 1 March 2019 via its roadshows at select locations, Vivo Concept Stores, authorised dealers and collaboration partners.

Additionally, Vivo will also be holding a V15 Pro Superday Sale on 2 March 2019 at Sunway Pyramid (Blue Concourse) where early birds will received a complimentary DJI Spark selfie drone (on a first come first serve basis) and a Vivo gift box.

The public is also encouraged to take part in the exciting contest and giveaways that will be held on Vivo’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/VivoMalaysia).

Stay tuned for more information on Vivo V15Pro Superday Sale on 2nd March 2019.

V15Pro Specifications

Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE Octa-core
128GB ROM (Supports microSD Card up to 256GB)
3700mAh with Dual-Engine Fast Charging
Operating System
Funtouch OS 9.0 (based on Android 9.0)
157.25mm x 74.71mm x 8.21mm
6.39” FHD+
Touch Screen
2.5D (Glass)
Biometric recognition
5th Generation In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology
Front: 32MP
Rear: 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor + 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera + 5MP Depth Camera
Photography Modes
Ultra HD, PPT, Professional, Slow, Time-Lapse Photography, Camera Filter, Live, Bokeh, HDR, AI Face Beauty, Panorama, Palm Capture, Gender Detection, Retina Flash, AR Stickers, AI Face Shaping, Watermark, AI Portrait Lighting, AI Scene Recognition, AI Portrait Framing, AI Body Shaping, AI Super Wide-Angle, AI Super Night Mode
Pre-Installed Apps
Google Services
Play Store, Google, Chrome, Gmail, Map, YouTube, Drive, Play Music, Play Movie&TV, Duo, Photos, Google News (all countries)
Google Pay* (only in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Russia)
USB (USB2.0), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0), GPS, OTG, NFC* (only in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Russia)
Accelerometer, Ambient light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, E-compass, Gyroscope
Items in the box
V15Pro, Earphone, Documentation, USB Cable, USB Power Adapter, SIM Ejector, Protective Case, Protective Film (applied)

Projek Rintis Pelaksanaan Waktu Bekerja Fleksi

by on February 27, 2019
Tinggal berapa hari sahaja lagi waktu bekerja di kementerian dan jabatan persekutuan akan berubah kepada waktu yang fleksi. Tiada lagi WP1,WP2,WP3 dan WP4. Boleh punch card kehadiran pada bila-bila masa di antara 7.30 - 8.30 pagi. Kalau lebih 8.30 pagi dikira lewat. Waktu rehat masih lagi sama 1 -2 petang. 

Nieyl terlibat juga untuk projek Rintis ni, pada nieyl yang biasa masuk WP1 Jam 7.30 pagi rasa macam biasa je, tak ada perbezaan pun sebab pukul 7 pagi nieyl tetap akan keluar dari rumah untuk hantar anak buah pergi sekolah dulu kemudiaan baru pergi pejabat. Kalau sampai pejabat pun dalam pukul 7.20 pagi.. Tapi kalau projek rintis ni , walaupun nieyl sampai pejabat 7.20 pagi dia tetap akan kira 7.30 pagi. 

Rasanya yang mana hantar anak ke sekolah pagi, akan rasa sama je pergerakan pagi untuk ke pejabat tetap kena pergi awal sebab anak masuk sekolah 7.30 pagi..😁 dan lagi satu, kalau lambat pergi kerja, tak dapat parking, silap-silap kena block kereta orang lain..hihihi

26 February, 2019

Dark Mansion 3D Glow In The Dark Museum, Penang

by on February 26, 2019
Dark Mansion 3D Glow In The Dark Museum, Penang | Cuti minggu Tahun Baru Cina baru-baru ni nieyl bersama adik beradik belah husband pergi bercuti di Kedah dan Penang. Kebetulan nak pergi ke rumah baru adik ipar nieyl dekat Sungai Petani..3 Hari 2 malam nieyl dekat sana.. Sebelum pergi ke sana memang dah listkan nak pergi mana 3 hari tu. Supaya 3 hari tu terisi dengan aktiviti.

Untuk hari pertama nieyl pergi ke Dark Mansion 3D di Penang. Untuk perjalanan pergi tu sahaja lalu jambatan Pulau Pinang , balik tu baru naik feri sebab adam dia kata nak naik feri.  Alhamdulillah perjalanan tak jem , kereta pun tak berapa banyak sangat time kiteorang keluar tu..

Kalau pergi ke Pulau Pinang wajib snap gambar jambatan ni sebab ianya salah satu mercu tanda Pulau Pinang. Nak sampai sini,beberapa tahun sekali je, itupun sebab rumah adik ipar dekat sana kalau tak, tak tahu bila akan sampai sana lagi...tapi insyaÁllah selagi dia duduk sana..akan pergi lagi nanti..sebab ada beberapa tempat yang kiteorg tak sempat nak pergi lagi..sebab kekangan masa. 

Terus terang nak bagitahu, kalau nak pergi tempat-tempat macam ni korang kena sabar sikit sebab parking memang susah dan korang kena jalan kaki untuk ke tempat tu. Sebelum ni nieyl pernah pergi upside down museum juga area situ juga. 

Kalau korang guna waze ataupun google maps, dia tak akan bawa korang betul-betul depan museum tu tau. Better korang cari parking dulu lepastu jalan kaki. Bangunan dia lot-lot kedai lama macam tu. 

Harga Tiket Masuk

Untuk harga tiket korang boleh beli secara walk in masa sampai dekat museum tu ataupun korang boleh beli online melalui website https://darkmansionpenang.com/ atau diskaun KLIK SINI

Bila masuk sahaja memang gelap gelita, pekerja museum tu suruh main water color ikut kita lah nak letak dekat mana pipi ke muka ke misai ke kuku ke.. Contoh macam nieyl warna kan kuku je, lepas tu duduk di bawah sinaran lampu LED nampak la warna kuku tu terserlah dalam gelap..cantik x..magic..

Dalam Museum ni ada 5 thema yang wajib korang singgah bergambar tau..serius memang cantik, korang jangan risau sebab pekerja museum tu akan tolong korang snap gambar yang cantik-cantik..
  • Fairytale Land
  • Fire & Water - tribute to darwin
  • Tropital Pandora -The Forbidden Land
  • Infinity Room
  • New Atlantis - The underwater world

Sebelum keluar bergambar kenangan bersama keluarga tercinta sebagai tanda kita dah sampai muzium ni. Gambar ni juga pihak muzium print sekeping besar untuk kami bawa pulang sebagai tanda kenangan tapi ada bayaran dikenakan juga.. 

So, kalau korang ada plan cuti sekolah bulan 3 ni nak ke Penang tu boleh la singgah sini juga anak-anak pasti teruja sama. 

 Open Daily (including Public Holidays)
 10am - 630pm

Dark Mansion 3D Glow In The Dark Museum, Penang

145 Kimberley Street, 10100 George Town, Penang 
 +604 251 9694