18 March, 2014

Peraduan Dutch Lady 2014

Hye semua..
ha..mane2 suka join contest...
nie ada 1 contest dr DURCH LADY

Contest Period: 1 Mar - 30 April 2014


 Grand Prize x 5: RM10,000 cash each

 Exclusive items to redeem:
Hand Towel - 15 points
Drinking Bottle - 20 points
Bagpack - 40 points

 How To Participate:
 Step 1 Purchase any eligible Dutch Lady liquid milk products.

 Step 2 Collect the bar codes as proof of purchase.

 Step 3 Download and complete the contest form. Attach barcodes (point details in contest form) and mail it to PERADUAN DUTCH LADY MILKATHON 2014, Peti Surat 3202, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan via post to redeem prizes and a chance to win a RM10,000

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seindahcerita: selamat berjaya :)


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